Wasp pest control: how to do it and who to contact

Pest control of wasps and bumblebees is necessary to effectively resolve the infestation of these dangerous insects.

However, it is often seen as the last solution, because you prefer to act with interventions – do it yourself. The risk is to experience the painful experience of being stung, or endangering the lives of people in the vicinity.

Imagine: the good season has arrived and it’s time to get back to the garden. A beautifully arranged after the long winter, to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Tools in hand, gloves and that little bit of enthusiasm that doesn’t hurt.

But, how many objects have been left in the garden forgotten for months?

A few old toys, rolled-up leftovers of shading for railings, hard plastic trunks, to hold your tools: be careful, because it’s right down there that, undisturbed, wasps may have nested.

So how do you eliminate a wasp or hornets’ nest? What dangers do you run and when should you call for a wasp pest control?

Wasp pest control: how to do it

If you see a wasp wandering around a point in the garden or balcony, observe its flight path. You will see that you will be able to locate its nest. Very often they nest in the most unthinkable places.

For example, the small holes drilled in balcony railings and fences, used for galvanizing, become perfect accesses for building wasp nests. Metal pipes, those you use to raise or lower awnings, or attics: any sheltered and undisturbed place is potentially pleasing to wasps.

Also, consider that wasps are not the only danger, because hornets, bees and mason wasps are just as fearsome. In particular, the latter welcome the opening of windows, as an invitation, to nest inside the house: in the ceiling lights or in the door jambs.

For a targeted pest control intervention, we try to make clear between the wasps and other useful insects, such as bees.

Difference between bees and wasps: why avoid do-it-yourself interventions
Wasps are hymenoptera spines, just like hornets. They are social insects and live in hierarchical colonies, more or less large. It is essential to distinguish wasps from bees or other useful species.

Bees are pollinating insects that are essential to ensure the presence of different plant forms. They contribute to maintaining biodiversity and preserving the balance of nature.

Unlike bees, whose bodies are covered with hair, wasps are apparently glabrous. In addition, they have a slimmer and more elongated profile.

Regardless of size, the removal of a wasp nest can be very dangerous. If the wasps feel threatened, they become aggressive and can sting several times to defend their nest. Bees, on the other hand, attack only for extreme defence, because by stinging they lose the sting and part of their viscera, so they know they are facing death.

So, if you decide to remove a wasp nest, you have to be very careful and protect yourself. In some cases, very serious allergic forms can occur in predisposed people, so avoid intervening alone.

DIY solutions always seem cheaper, but it’s an illusion. You need to equip yourself with the appropriate protection and buy the specific insecticide in sufficient quantities. Are you sure this is a real economic advantage?

Wasp pest control: the roof is one of the areas where they can act undisturbed

You are putting your family’s health at risk by delivering a poison that will be airborne and deposited on surfaces where your children or pets play. And if you can’t do it?

Consider that you can only request firefighters for school facilities, hospitals, public places or in cases of immediate danger to people. In all other situations, the intervention of a company specialized in wasp pest control is always the best solution to solve the problem and protect your health.

Do you have an apartment in a condominium and do not know who to turn to for wasp pest control? In this article, we make clear who pays and decides the intervention of condominium pest control.

How to eliminate a wasp nest: specialized interventions
A company specialising in wasp pest control operations knows their behaviour very well and acts according to proven and effective procedures.

A first inspection allows you to understand which species of wasp you are dealing with. In Italy, there are 5 types of wasps present:

  • vespula vulgaris – common wasp;
  • polistes dominulus – cartoon wasp;
  • waspula germanica – wasp of earth;
  • wasp crab – hornet;
  • wasp velutina wasp.

These wasps can nest in different ways. For example, the wasp of earth, creates nests hidden in the ground and is very dangerous because, if threatened, it can escape en masse suddenly. Others, however, are more visible, such as the cartoon wasp, which builds nests hanging from branches or in attics.

Therefore, a specialist in wasp pest control can immediately check the situation, and depending on the size and location of the nest, act accordingly.

Usually, we proceed with the introduction of the poison into the nest. The aim is to eliminate the wasps by killing the entire colony, including the queen. Then, at a later stage, we proceed with the removal. Of course, there are specific techniques to ensure the elimination of the entire wasp colony, otherwise there is a risk that they will form a new nest in a different location.

Once the treatment is complete, the pest control company can advise you on prevention and monitoring treatments to avoid new infestations in the future.

Wasp pest control costs: who to turn to

If you have a wasp nest in your house or garden, avoid interventions – do it yourself – and call a specialist pest control company immediately.

The costs of wasp pest control depend on several factors. Therefore, it is not possible to quantify the cost of an intervention until the situation is clear. However, it is still the most economical and safest solution to avoid creating unnecessary danger to you and your family.

Now, you know that wasps are not aggressive insects and attack only to defend the area where they have built their nest. They can sting several times and, particularly the bumblebee, causes a lot of pain.

Have you noticed a wasp nest, you’re not sure what species it is and you fear for your health and that of your children? Don’t wait until the nest becomes huge and the problem is unmanageable. Contact us for an inspection and we will find the quickest and most effective solution to solve the problem.