How to prevent a cockroach infestation in the home

If you have noticed cockroaches in the house, adults or nymphs of different sizes, it means that you are facing a stable colony of cockroaches.

Cockroaches, commonly referred to as cockroaches, are insects capable of adapting to extreme places and conditions. They are resistant and difficult to eliminate. Before you worry about how to eliminate cockroaches in your home, it may be helpful to follow these tips to prevent infestation and avoid unpleasant encounters.

How to prevent a cockroach infestation in the home

The best way to avoid a cockroach infestation is prevention. That is, preventing them from getting near the sources of nourishment. But the question you’re asking yourself is, how do cockroaches get into the house?

Cockroaches can enter your home in a variety of ways. Among them, the top four are:

  1. You take them home in bags or cardboard boxes that contain food and they’re lying in some poorly maintained storage facility where no pest control is done.
  2. They may be in the apartment next to yours, or in your garden. Just narrow slits in doors or windows and it will be as easy as drinking a glass of water to find yourself with cockroaches in the house.
  3. They come up through gutters and pipes, perhaps annoyed by a neighbor who is doing housework and somehow disturbed them by forcing them to move.
  4. The degree of cleanliness in the home is not enough. Cockroaches feed on protein, so all the food that falls on the floors, behind the kitchen or at the bottom of the shelves, is food waste that they love. They eat and reproduce undaunted.

Unfortunately, you don’t notice this right away, because cockroaches are active at night. It is difficult to spot them during the day and when you start to notice the infestation is already taking place.

Let’s look at a series of simple precautions. Tips to keep your environment safe and healthy and prevent a cockroach infestation in your home:

#1 Reduce the access routes to cockroaches in the house

Seals all small gaps: cracks, gutters, cracks, skirting boards, worn or bumpy frames. Cockroaches can move through the smallest openings and colonize your home. Seal everything and leave them out.

#2 Always put food in their place

Check that the packaging and containers are well sealed. Keep your home clean and tidy. In particular, check where you cook or consume food. Pay attention to the hygiene of the sideboards or shelves where you keep your food. It is a good habit to remove the wrappers of products stored in the cellar and transported into the house.

#3 The cleanliness of each room is crucial

It checks the temperature and humidity of the storage rooms and adjoining rooms. Climatic conditions unfavourable to the proliferation of cockroaches, such as low moisture content, helps prevent cockroach infestation.

#4 Employs an effective room monitoring system

In particular in industrial warehouses or laboratories used for the production or processing of food products and in wholesale trade. You can use special adhesive or capture traps with food exits. Public places such as bars, restaurants, canteens, hospitals, schools should be monitored with scrupulous methodicality.

#5 Plan an annual program of interventions

In order to avert all possibilities and prevent the infestation of cockroaches at home, which can form real colonies, organize an annual action plan.

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Preventing cockroach infestation in the home by concluding
Organize and follow these simple and effective monitoring and prevention practices. As you may have noticed, they are economical and indispensable.

If you want to reduce or eliminate the presence of cockroaches in the house you can use “pyrethroid” insecticides, but remember that it is recommended to use them in outdoor areas or in those premises that are not considered sensitive to human health.

When it comes to using pest control products and organizing careful prevention, the advice is not to take risks and to turn to qualified personnel. It can guarantee the safety of people and a permanent solution.

Whether you need an intervention at home or in corporate environments, you can stop worrying about cockroaches: we’re here now.