A-active Termite Control Company’s VP Honored with Award

Jeff Johnson, the current VP of the A-Active pest and termite control company, was very recently given the Industry Stewardship Award by the VPMA, also known as the Virginia Pest Management Association. This is A-Active’s second time to have a member of its staff garner this particular one of the Association’s awards, as its current president was actually the recipient only 4 years ago.

The Virginia Pest Management Association is a very respected institution in the field of termite control and pest extermination services. This is a group with genuine history behind it, as its existence dates back to about 60 years ago. It also happens to work very closely with another, even better known pest control association, the NPMA (National Pest Management Association). This latter organization is dedicated to the safeguarding of public health and property, and has lasted even longer than the Virginia Pest Management Association, having a history of well over 7 decades behind it. The NPMA often joins forces with the VPMA and similar, more regional organizations to ensure that pest control standards are properly observed by people working in the industry, and that the health of the pest control trade is maintained hand-in-hand with the health of the actual consumers and public.

The VPMA focuses on matters of certification as well as training in particular for pest control officials. To that end, it provides a great many resources and conventions through which termite and pest extermination officials may come together to share insights, information, and other valuable data with others in the field. This relates directly to the award given to Jeff Johnson, which was the Industry Stewardship award. The award is said to be one that honors a member of the pest management field who has made special and remarkable contributions to the industry and done so in a way that demonstrates a sense of stewardship.

Johnson has certainly done that. This former US marine is actually known for having organized several of the most important certification programs and seminars in the region, and for his work in the VPMA, for which he is at the present time the president. He has been serving in the organization for several years now, as a matter of fact, in a lot of capacities, even before he became the president. He is also certified by both the VPMA and the local state’s Department of Agriculture. Furthermore, this pest and termite control professional is a correspondence graduate of Purdue University for Pest Control Technology. Johnson also began his career as an actual field worker—to be precise, he was an inspector at the start—so it is not surprising that he also happens to be authorized as an operator of the famous Sentricon termite control technology.